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Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Confirm Secret Wedding, Now They Are Ready For Babies! -

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth recently confirmed that they secretly tied the knot — but are they ready to start a family together? Insiders claim the couple exchanged vows in a super secret ceremony, and the pop star’s close friends believe she is finally ready to settle down and have children.

“[Miley] was adamant that she would never wed until she was ready to settle down or if she was pregnant,” a source shared.

Last week, Cyrus seemingly confirmed the wedding rumors when she posted photos of herself wearing a wedding gown on Instagram.

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My love ❤️

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Leaked images also showed the couple attending what looked like a low-key ceremony at their Tennessee home in Franklin.

According to Radar Online, Cyrus’ father, Billy Ray, could not attend the nuptials but made an appearance over Christmas.

Other wedding guests included Cyrus’ sisters, Brandi and Noah, along with her mom, Tish. Hemsworth’s brothers, Luke and Chris, were also on hand to witness the vows.

Insiders claim that Cyrus finally agreed to marry Hemsworth after his heartfelt contributions to the victims of the Southern California wildfires. Sources also say the two are a perfect match and that both sides of the family get along great.

Hemsworth and Cyrus have not commented on when they are planning on starting a family together.

Fans, of course, have already expressed their excitement for Hemsworth and Cyrus’ wedding on social media.

After one fan told Cyrus that she is married to Hollywood’s hottest man, the pop star quickly agreed, writing, “I knooooowwwww right.”

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This is probably our one – millionth kiss ….

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Apart from the photos, Cyrus shared a fun video from the reception, which featured her dancing to Bruno Mars’ hit track, “Uptown Funk.”

We do not know if the pregnancy rumors are true, but Cyrus and Hemsworth are clearly enjoying their marital bliss.

Hemsworth and Cyrus have dated on-and-off again for several years. Source claim that Miley Cyrus has wanted to tie the knot for a long time, and that she always seemed happy whenever she talked about becoming Liam Hemsworth’s wife.

Brittany Cartwright Attacked By Another Woman At The Airport - Details The Assault On Twitter And Threatens To Press Charges! -

That sounds like a really unpleasant experience to be in, and it totally makes sense that Brittany Cartwright is fuming after the ‘unacceptable’ incident! The Vanderpump Rules star was involved in an altercation with another woman in an airport, and she took to social media to detail the whole thing!

Apparently, the conflict occurred on her Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Miami and the reality TV star described it as a ‘complete assault.’

Brittany took to her Twitter account to post a note containing all the details of what took place and also included a picture of her hair with gum in it – a result of the fight with the aggressive fellow passenger.

The star told her followers that it all started with her simply using the first class bathroom when ‘a woman started shaking my door a good 3 to 4 times when I had already told her someone was in there.’

After she was done with her business, Brittany pointed to the sign on the lavatory door that shows either ‘occupied’ or ‘vacant’ depending on the situation.

But things did not just end there since the woman in question was apparently not at all happy about the condescending way in which the information was given to her.

And since she was only a few rows in front of Brittany, the Vanderpump Rules star could hear her ‘talking about me pointing at me, making fun of me all because I said there was an occupied and vacant sign.’

Things got much worse when they landed in Miami however as the conflict soon turned physical.

‘She walks out of the plane in front of me and right after we get out of the jet bridge she stops to get behind me, PUSHES ME and PULLS MY HAIR,’ Cartwright recalls in the note, obviously outraged by the violence.

She and her fiancé Jax Taylor ended up following and confronting the woman about her behavior, but that was not the end of things since Brittany was shocked to discover, upon reaching the house in Miami, that the woman on the plane had put gum in her hair when she attacked her!

Cartwright slammed the incident as ‘unacceptable’ and complete ‘assault,’ announcing that she was planning on pressing charges.

Kandi Burruss Got Back From Jamaica And She Is Already Missing The Hot Weather - She Invites Everyone At Old Lady Gang Restaurant For NYE -

Kandi Burruss just got back from her lavish vacay in Jamaica with her family and the Frosts. Now she’s home, but it seems that she is already missing the great weather there.

‘Just got back from #Jamaica. I’m already missing that great weather. Well at least I’m back in time to watch the new episode of #RHOA,’ Kandi captioned her post.

Someone gushed over Kandi and her family and said ‘So beautiful the family and you thank you for everything you do that makes you so beautiful and black women you Rocking Hollywood tell your husband that he’s a lucky man happy holidays now kandi the best.’

Another follower said ‘Kandi I no y’all had a wonderful time in Jamaica I ve never been there before would like to go one day. Before I get old and gray.’

Someone else told Kandi that they ‘Stayed there twice, it’s huge! @kandi is right, its nice for the family. You have to ride golf carts around because everything is far, but they have smaller pools in each section. We loved our suite.❤’

After remembering the great time she had on her short vacay, Kandi invited everyone to her Old Lady Gang restaurant for New Year’s:

‘What are you doing for NYE? Come by @oldladygang on Peters St & bring in the New Year. Our Campcreek location is closed today. Peters St is open 5-9 for normal dining hours & 9pm-2am for the NYE party!’

Someone wished Kandi ‘Happy New Year Boss Lady!! I pray you to keep doing big things and inspiring others to do the same. 😘🥰’

It’s great that Kandi and Rasheeda Frost had the time of their lives in Jamaica and we wish them both a Happy New Year with many blessings and accomplishments.

Kenya Moore"s NYE Resolution Is To Always Protect And Love Baby Brooklyn - See Her Latest Photo With The Gorgeous Baby -

Kenya Moore keeps gushing over her baby Brooklyn. She could not be happier now at the end of 2018, and it’s completely understandable.

The former reality TV star took to social media on Sunday, and she posted a cute photo shoot of her baby daughter whom she shares with husband, Marc Daly.

There were a lot of people who slammed Kenya because they say her child is not two months old and she is stealing the spotlight from a new episode of RHOA.

Now, being unbothered from all the hate that she received online, Kenya shares yet another photo of her beautiful baby girl which you can see below.

‘I love you so much it hurts. My NYE resolution is to always protect you, love you, and be the best example of a woman I can possibly be for you. I will be the mother to you I always wanted.

You are my life. I love you, mommy 💕 @thebrooklyndaly #brooklyndaly #love #family #baby #uncomditionallove #forever’ Kenya captioned her photo.

Someone told Kenya ‘I celebrate your happiness @thekenyamoore God is so good…I see his hand over your life, and it’s wonderful to see you finally have the family you deserve to have. Live, Laugh and Love❤🙏🏽 Brooklyn is blessed to have you as her mommy!’

Another follower gushed over the baby as well and said ‘She’s so beautiful. KENYA I know you are going to be a Wonderful mother and wife… I’m in Dallas, and I live watching you on TV… stay focus and know that God got your BACK.’

One other person said ‘Absolutely beautiful baby and the words are amazing, I’m a mother of 2 boys and have four grandbabies all under the age of 4…. and I always said I wanted my boys to one day to grow up leaving and knowing I had no regrets… I made sure of that. I can feel your love @thekenyamoore.’

One supporter praised the baby and her mom and wrote ‘She’s so beautiful. KENYA I know you are going to be a Wonderful mother and wife… I’m in Dallas, and I live watching you on TV… stay focus and know that God got your BACK.’

We wish Kenya and her family a Happy New Year!

Samantha Markle Is Now On The Police"s "Fixated Persons List" As A "Reputational Risk" To Sister Meghan And The Royals! -

Samantha Markle, just as her and Meghan’s father, Thomas, have been continuously talking about the Duchess of Sussex on social media and on TV, which is why, the step-sister got in some trouble with the police royalty and specialty protection unit! Samantha was put on what is known as a ‘fixated persons list’ due to the fact that she represents a ‘reputational risk’ to the royal family, reports The Times U.K.

According to the outlet, Meghan Markle’s personal officers discussed with Scotland Yard’s Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) about Samantha Markle and reached a conclusion as to what measures they would take if the woman attempted to reach her half-sister again in person.

The ‘purpose [of FTAC] is to assess and manage the risks from lone individuals who harass, stalk or threaten public figures,’ their official website reads.

This is the consequence of Samantha traveling to England back in October and stopping by Kensington Palace in order to try and give Meghan a letter.

She explained on TV before her trip that she was hoping to ‘sort of speak the wishes and thoughts and sentiments of my father, and hopefully get a message to my sister.’

So what exactly does Samantha being on this list mean for her and the royals?

The Times explained via a Scotland Yard insider that ‘Someone like Samantha presents a risk more than a threat. She isn’t committing criminal offenses, but she’s a big potential for major embarrassment for the royals. Samantha could make a scene — and let’s face it she’s kind of already done that.’

As you can imagine, Samantha disagrees, and she even told the outlet that the decision to put her on that list is ‘ludicrous.’

The woman insisted that she is not a ‘reputational risk.’

Blac Chyna"s Fans Make Fun Of Her New BF, Kid Buu After She Gets Slammed For Pregnancy-Related Jokes -

We recently reported that Blac Chyna triggered harsh comments from her fans after her latest Instagram post. Dream Kardashian’s mother posted the pic on her social media account and fans were about to freak out until they read everything that was written on the photo.

Unfortunately, not a lot of fans and followers tasted Chyna’s joke, and there were a bunch of fans who slammed her in the comments section.

Some of them even called her disgusting for the joke that she made online.

Now, Chyna posted a new photo with her boyfriend, Kid Buu, and her plastician, telling people to guess what she has in her bag.

‘Daily fix! 💉 Guess what’s in the bag?🤑 @dremilkohan’ Chyna captioned her photo.

Fans started to make fun of Kid Buu’s claims that he’s a clone and also of his physical appearance.

Someone said ‘All I can think about is how that dude believes he’s a clone from Canada lol I’m sorry but whenever I see him I laugh about it.’

Another follower addressed Chyna’s pose and wrote this: ‘Someone said we gotta leave this pose in 2018. 😭’

One follower said that ‘He’s just standing there all…. awkward lol,’ while another one believes he has to get some work done as well: ‘So you going to take kid buu to get that botched nose job fixed? He needs it girl.’

One other commenter hopes that Dream did not meet Kid Buu: ‘I hope she hasn’t introduced her daughter to him. This is like her what 5-6th bf already? And each bf gets worst and worst.’

What’s your opinion on Chyna’s latest BF?

Anyway, we wish Chyna and all her loved ones a Happy New Year!

"RHOC" Shannon Beador Splits From BF, Divorce Drama With Cheater David Surely To Blame -

Shannon Beador is back to being single. After dating Scot Matteson for a whole six months, the Real Housewives of Orange County star is reportedly on the market again. An inside source claims that Shannon’s new flame started dying out a few months ago, and that she officially called it quits earlier this month.

“Shannon was not ready to be tied down to Scot and she ended the relationship on amicable terms several weeks ago,” a source dished.

Shannon has had a rough go the past few months. Not only is she dealing with relationship drama, but she has also been fighting a nasty custody battle with her cheating ex, David Beador.

A few weeks ago, David dragged Shannon’s name through the mud after filing a motion that would prevent the RHOC star from drinking in front of their daughters, Sophie, Stella, and Adeline.

According to Radar Online, Shannon quickly fired back and claimed that David was only trying to ruin her reputation. She also says that his motion to stop her from drinking is based solely on her actions on Bravo’s hit reality show.

With so many things on her plate, it is understandable why Shannon had a hard time making her relationship with Matteson work. Until things settle down, it sounds like dating might be off the table.

In fact, sources claim that Shannon is not interested in having a serious relationship until after the divorce drama is finished.

We do not know if the drama with David contributed to her breakup, but it sounds like Shannon has little time for dating at the moment.

The dating rumors come after a tumultuous holiday season for the reality star and her family.

After fighting David for weeks, Shannon allegedly allowed him to spend half of the day on Christmas with his daughters.

For Shannon’s sake — and sanity — we can only hope that her custody battle ends soon so that she can finally get on with her life.

Shannon Beador has not commented on her recent breakup or her ongoing custody battle with David.

Gwen Stefani Exposes Herself After Forgetting Her Own Song"s Lyrics In Hilarious Viral Video - ‘Come On You Gotta Help Me’ -

Gwen Stefani is also human and she makes mistakes – such as forgetting the lyrics to her own song while on stage! However, the way she handled it made what could have been a very embarrassing moment into a viral one!

The singer was having a pretty bad cold, but she powered through it and decided to still perform at her Las Vegas residency.

She actually did great until she found herself confused about the lyrics to one of her songs and Gwen hilariously dissed herself in front of the concertgoers, telling them: ‘Come on, you gotta help when I forget the f***ing words. Come on.’

Of course, she could have pretended that it did not happen and covered it up somehow, but Stefani just chose to call herself out in front of the huge crowd with no problem!

She even told them after stopping the music: ‘The professional thing would be to pretend that I didn’t f**k the words up. Because I’m not professional, I’m just saying.’

After asking her audience if they wanted her to restart the song, she went closer to one section of the crowd and said: ‘I’m coming over here to just tell you I took a steroid tonight so that I could sing for you.’ So funny!

It’s safe to say, everybody loved the moment, and no one was upset or angry at her mistake.

Gwen has been having the time of her life while in Las Vegas, and her residency that just started is not the only reason!

The woman was also super excited to see and even play her boyfriend Blake Shelton’s slot machine in Vegas.

She took to social media to document the experience, and she made it very clear that she was extremely proud of her country crooner significant other in sweet clips.

Tiny Harris" Daughter, Zonnique Pullins Celebrates Her Boyfriend"s Birthday With Romantic Pics And A Video - Check Out Her Post Here -

Zonnique Pullins seems happier than ever since she started dating her boyfriend, Bandhunta Izzy. Now, she is celebrating his birthday with a gorgeous post on social media.

Her post includes two pics, and a cute video of the couple and fans are here for it.

‘It’s my favorites special day! the person I absolutely love to be around! now we get to be the same age for a couple months🤧💘💙Happy Gday Babe! I love youuuuu @bandhunta_izzy’ Zonnique captioned her post on Instagram.

Someone gushed over her BF and said ‘He is too cute I see why you keep this off social media thanks for the peek you deserve. 💪🏾’

Another follower liked the couple and said ‘Yall look good together stay just how you are baby…you naturally pretty.’

A supporter wrote ‘Z…. you can be anything in this world…. just don’t be the 4th baby mama 🤦🏾‍♀️ #sisdontdoit #fromonesistoanother.’

Someone believed that Zonnique was throwing shade at her man with this post but her fans were quick to defend her.

A commenter wrote ‘omg y’all are stupid this is not shade she clearly saying they comedy because of the video and how he was saying the light wasn’t hitting zonnique like it was him why would it be shade when she put hearts y’all gotta think sometimes sheesh.’

Another fan had this observation to make: ‘It’s interesting how the millennials post pics of themselves and/or their significant other giving “the finger” to the camera like it’s “cool.” LOL! Geez…’

Zonnique recently brought her very own home just after sparking pregnancy rumors with one of her latest photos that she shared with fans on social media.

"NCIS" Alum Pauley Perrette Pays Homage To Her Late Mother After Leaving The Show Over A Fight With Mark Harmon -

NCIS alum Pauley Perrette has fans in tears with her latest post which was a tribute to her late mother, Donna Bell.

Pauley shared a sweet picture that featured her mom holding her when she was just a little girl with pretty blonde hair. The actress and activist posted the throwback photo on her mother’s birthday.

She took the opportunity to reflect on her childhood and her mother’s passing: “My mom and I were twins. I wish I had one more hug. RIP and happy birthday Donna Bell, better known as Mommy.”

Donna passed away in 2002 following a battle with cancer, and she has found ways to keep her memory alive.

Recently, Pauley and both Mark Harmon made headlines after an odd incident pushed her out of NCIS. Pauley left after 15 seasons on the series playing the genius/goth Abby Sciuto.

The TV star shared at the time: “I hope the fans will remember everything that Abby has taught all of us over the course of this entire run. Just to remember, with me, everything that Abby’s given to us. And everything she’s taught us. I cannot thank you enough. I am so blessed to have fans like you, and it means everything to me.”

She went on to say: “I have learned from my fans just such an incredible love and support. Abby fans are incredible; they really are the best. I can’t imagine a fan group being any better than that. They really make me smile. My fans are funny, and they’re smart, and they’re kind, and they’re caring, and they’ve been so supportive. Not only of Abby, on the show, but of me, of Pauley. I love them. I’m proud of the group of fans that Abby has attracted because it’s a pretty amazing group of people.”

Fans had nothing but kind words for Pauley upon seeing the photo.

One person replied: “What a great picture.. she was indeed beautiful..she’s watching you from above.”

Another follower stated: “Beautiful picture. Sending hugs (altho I know it’s not the same as a hug from Mum) xx💕 Love to see you with your natural blonde hair again. Its hard when certain times of the year come around, and they aren’t here. I lost my mum on the 28th December. Years ago now but I will always remember her & my dad more so at this time. Happy birthday to your lovely mummy. xoxo”

This fan wrote: “I feel your pain, my dad passed away August two years ago, I lost my aunt, Susan in September. It’s not the ones that die who hurt but those left behind. I pray for strength for you. I went to the cemetery to take flowers to Grandma and Grandpa, and my dad all in Rochelle, Ga.”

Fans are eagerly waiting on Pauley’s return to acting.

Danielle Staub Mocks Her Love Life While Discussing Her Divorce From Marty Caffrey - I Got Engaged "19 Times!" -

As fans of RHONJ know all too well, Danielle Staub had her wedding airing on the show, but unfortunately, the marriage came to an end after no more than three months!  Now, the reality TV celeb is opening up about the divorce as well as her other failed relationships.

Staub has been featured heavily in the media lately because she accused her ex hubby Marty Caffrey of verbal as well as physical abuse during their months-long marriage.

What’s ironic is that her dream wedding to her now-ex, just aired on the Real Housewives of New Jersey yesterday and now, the woman tells HollywoodLife in a new interview that she is still in shock over the way her romance with Marty played out.

‘I feel like it was just a minute ago so I’m pretty much in the same place. I’m in shock as to what is going on in my life. I’m a newlywed going through a divorce so how am I supposed to feel? I’m confused. I’m very confused as to how this even happened,’ she shared with the news outlet.

She went on to add that ‘I’m not confused about where I’m at, and that is I’m in a state of a constant — It’s like having the rug ripped out from you constantly. I’m upset, obviously. I tried everything I can.’

The Bravo star has actually been married twice before, and it makes sense that she is very disappointed things are not working out as far as her love life is concerned.

Before the episode aired, Danielle told the site that she was excited to watch it since the wedding was indeed very beautiful.

But she admitted that she was not yet sure how it would feel to witness it after all that’s happened since then.

Danielle went on to hilariously reference her epic table-flipping scene with Teresa Giudice when she told Danielle that ‘You were f**king engaged 19 times!’

She joked that she is willing to do it for the twentieth time but that the ring should be bigger since she’s tired already.

In all honesty, she went on to say that she’s not sure she needs or wants a man around anymore. At least not for a long time.

Rasheeda Frost Is Back In Atlanta - Check Out Her Funny Video With Ky Frost Who Missed Her -

Rasheeda Frost has a well-deserved vacay in Jamaica with Kirk Frost and their pals, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker. Rasheeda posted various pics and videos from her vacation, just to keep her fans updated.

The couples had a great ATV fun during their last days in their vacay, and Rasheeda also said that this was the very first time they all went zip lining.

Now, Rasheeda is back in Atlanta, and she shared a video with her son, Ky Frost, telling her fans that he missed them. She’s also inviting everyone to her Pressed boutique. Here’s Rasheeda’s latest video:

‘😂😂😂 @kyfrost_ is crazy he missed us we FaceTimed hella times day❤️❤️ he just mad he didn’t get a 🇯🇲 tan!!! Well back to business heading to Pressed come holla!!!’ Rasheeda captioned her post.

Someone told her that they ‘Saw your mom at Pressed In Houston on last Thursday when I was visiting from Memphis. Purchased some nice outfits from that Clearance rack. Shout out to your employees; they were extremely helpful.😃’

Another follower addressed the melanin subject: ‘I think some parents and the school system should educate children and young adults on the Science of melanin magic I’m starting to believe no one what’s to talk about it because of the magic that comes alone with it and also because some of us are lacking in it and don’t wanna make anyone feel bad for not having melanin.’

Someone else said ‘My kids’ friends ask them how are they black and are white. I have to let them know am just a little lighter.’

We wish Rasheeda and her loved ones a Happy New Year!