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Kandi Burruss" Fans Are Praising Her Loyalty And Grace Following The CBB Show -

Kandi Burruss wishes her cousin a Happy Birthday with the cutest photos. Her fans are praising her after the CBB show, and they’re happy that she and Tamar Braxton are good now.

‘It’s my cousin @kyr0n’s birthday! I hope you are having an amazing bday today. I love you! Everybody send @kyr0n some love!’ Kandi captioned her post.

Someone praised her and said ‘Kandi you are so amazing, I don’t know how you do all that you do. I was rooting for you on CBB, but I knew once you and Tamar were good, she was good. Your loyalty, grace, and confidence are 2nd to none. Kudos to you! 💖’

Someone else also praised Kandi and called her an inspiration and a positive influence: ‘I can’t even begin to explain how much you make me happy like idk how good ill be at this, but I’m just gonna type what’s on my mind.. you’re literally a positive influence in my life you’ve made me who I am today like it’s crazy. Your music never fails to make me happy when I’m having a bad day I just click on your music and get lost in it. You’re probably the only reason I watched CBB fr. You genuinely are the sweetest most beautiful person I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and I can’t wait to see everything that the future has in store for you bc I’m here to support you forever. Anyways. I kinda suck at expressing my feelings but I tried @kandi if you see this follow me?’

Another supporter said that ‘I am indeed a new Fan of yours you took my Breath away w/the National Anthem in the CBB house! They will come for you Trust Me to follow Gladys Knight “I said it first”❤️’

Just recently, Kandi spent some quality time with her friend, Cynthia Bailey. She also shared a photo on social media and fans loved to see the two ladies together.


Toya Wright And Reign Rushing Are Twinning In Neon Green Outfits - Check Out The Latest Pics -

Toya Wright is known for her fashion game, and her little girl seems to follow her mom’s steps. Reign Rushing is dressed to kill in the latest photos that her mom shared on her social media account.

Someone wrote ‘I love this. Reign is so adorable. 😍 she gives me baby fever all over again. 😰’

Another follower said ‘I am beyond impressed with this little one. Hiiii Reigny Poo,. Toya thanks for sharing your little princess with us. I admire your parenting dynamics, STAY BLESSED🙏’

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She is her mother’s daughter ✨

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A supporter had some questions involving Reigny’s dad, Robert Rushing: ‘I’ve been wanting to ask you if she looks like her father for the longest of time now…. I don’t recall ever seeing him to the best of my knowledge 🤷🏾‍♀️ but as cute as she is I don’t think she favors you at all. I think Nae got greedy when she reached your Ovaries BUILD-A-BABY gene pool lol… Poor Reign couldn’t find crumbs of you when she traveled from the fallopian tubes down to ya uterus, yo womb was spotless Chileee! It just a message on the wall that said REGINAE WAS HERE 😂😂😂😂 …. I tickled my damn self writing this, Congrats Toya she’s adorable. 😍💜’

Someone else does not like the idea of wearing sweatpants and heels: ‘Heels in a work outfit…….not sportswear shoes????? Huh, are we working out or just free promotion for Chanel is this what we embedding the future generations is just to look cute???? I do love what u do, and i do feel you are a wonderful mother and woman….not hating at all much love…..just different view.’

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“You highlight my world little girl “

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Another person gushed over Reigny’s gorgeous brows and said: ‘LOOOOVE her lil brows, they’re gonna be fierce when she grows up.’

Toya has recently been spending more time with her late brother Josh’s daughter, Jashae and fans love this.


Tiny Harris Shows Off The Gorgeous Ring She Got From T.I. For Valentine"s Day - Watch Her Video -

We recently reported that T.I. made Tiny Harris very happy for Valentine’s Day. These two have not been having their best days since his sister Precious is in the hospital.

Tiny took to social media to share the heartbreaking news with her fans and followers and told them that Tip’s sister is currently in the hospital fighting for her life.

But, for Valentine’s Day Tip managed to surprise Tiny and made her cry tears of joy. His gift was terrific, and she shared a video to show it off for fans.

The ring she got from Tip is really impressive, we have to admit this.

‘🔥one of my favorite celebrity married couple 😘 May God continue to bless you both and your union love ❤️ is love 💕 @majorgirl @troubleman31’ someone commented.

Another follower gushed over the couple and said ‘I love this couple. Cant ppl just appreciate the beauty. She loved his gift…and all the roses and the crying. TI is so classic and hard at the same time. Must be an old school thing bc my husband is the same way. You get em @troubleman31 !!! Don’t take crap off no one…and keep making her melt. We love these videos.’

Someone else said ‘Oh my gosh ti @troubleman31 bites his nails ?? Wow, I didn’t know that …. what nails? All I saw was bling bling bling … 💎 @majorgirl …. you deserve it.’

A fan supports Tip and said: ‘I love him you guys are an awesome couple taking care of his Queen the way she should be team Harris all day.’

One commenter had this to say: ‘Team Harris I love you guys beautiful ring may God continue on blessing you guys for many more years to come💘’

Someone else also praised the couple’s relationship: ‘Treasure your queen young king, no matter what you do or say people will forever have something negative to say, unfortunately, that’s just how life goes, I applaud you for being the man you are.’

We’re happy to see Tip and Tiny doing great these days.


The Latest Photo Of Dream Kardashian Has Fans Saying She Looks Like Dad Rob Kardashian But Has A Blac Chyna Attitude -

Dream Kardashian is growing up to be a lovely young lady. Her latest pic has fans saying that the cute kid looks like her dad, Rob Kardashian. Check out Blac Chyna’s daughter below.

Someone commented this: ‘i wish ppl would make sure her father is taking care of her. We know damn well chyna takes care of her kids. We never see dream with rob.’

Another follower believes that Dream looks like Rob but acts like Chyna: ‘Lmao omg she does look like her daddy but she got black chyna attitude clearly 😂’

A supporter noticed that ‘The Kardashian genes are strong. She looks like Rob, Rob’s father, and Mason lol’

Someone else posted ‘This little girl looks nothing at all like her mom well maybe her attitude but rob you did that 💪💪💪’

One fan came to defend Rob in the comments section and had this to say: ‘the fact everyone is only saying something like “ how do you know she doesn’t spend time with her “ and doesn’t say anything about the fact she moves on from man to man. She just got out of a relationship and now she with Soulja 😕 then she’s gonna bring him around her kids and don’t say she won’t because she takes pics with them around her kids. Then when her kids get older then gonna understand what she’s doing and drag her for it.’

Chyna is currently dating Soulja Boy after dumping Kid Buu.

It seems that Soulja nad Chyna even spent Valentine’s Day together because he shared a photo with the two of them, wishing fans a happy Valentine’s Day.


Lil Scrappy"s Baby Mama Erica Dixon Is Pregnant With Twins -- This Video Will Make Emani Richardson Smile -

Emani Richardson is one lucky big sister — her mother, Erica Dixon, is pregnant with twin girls.

Emani’s father, Lil Scrappy, and his wife, Bambi Benson, recently welcomed a cute baby boy named Breland Richardson.

Via social media the former Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star shared an adorable video where she confessed that she got pregnant while on birth control.

She said the journey has not been easy because of morning sickness, but she is happy. Erica did not reveal the identity of the father of her babies.

The 34-year-old businesswoman said in a Youtube video: “I am pregnant. I wasn’t trying to get pregnant; this is something that…I ain’t going to say ’ kind of happened,’ but in a sense, it did because I had birth control. Not only am I pregnant, but I am pregnant with identical twins!”

The mother of Lil Scrappy’s only daughter also shared a series of pictures that showed her baby bump and her lavish gender reveal party.

Dixon captioned the post: “Blessed beyond what I deserve. Thank you all for keeping this private until we were ready to share. Thank you to @hopedahairologist who set up an amazing reveal and my closest friends and family who have been on this journey with me. The love and support has been more than appreciated. This has been a difficult yet rewarding journey for me with the sickness and scares, but we’ve conquered and will continue to.”

One person told the mother-to-be: “Repeat it I hate when ppl folks who the daddy it doesn’t matter who the daddy is if she wanted the world to know who he was she would have posted a pic or something…thay keep comparing her to Bambi this woman is far over her bd let his woman live and be happy…”

Another commenter stated: “I’m happy for you. Look at God’s timing. Congrats on the twin girls. What a blessing.”

This third supporter wrote: “You all need a life. First, it was she bitter, now because she has moved on you try make it seemed like a competition. There is life after baby daddy. After a certain age, you are not just being messy; you’re just miserable.”

The babies are due in May.


Nicki Minaj Shares New Video With Boyfriend Kenneth Petty - People Criticize Her -

Nicki Minaj shared a new video in which she’s all lovey-dovey with her man, Kenneth. She has been posting pics and videos of him for quite a while and fans seem to be getting used to the idea that she’s completely in love with him.

But there are still other people that don’t like him and they believe that he’s only dating Nicki for money.

Someone said ‘I like this happy Nicki,i know she can get a better man but she likes him😁’

Another follower believes that ‘That dude is totally neutered and whipped to be allowing himself to be used as a fodder and prop. I fear that his natural felonious instinct will kick in soon like a tiger and thrash this facade.’

Someone else said that ‘He plotting to get her pregnant so he can take her for child support @nickiminaj DON’T DO IT NICKYYYY📢’

One commenter criticized Nicki for the video: ‘Why show tits like that 🤷‍♂️ That’s not all women are good for. Nicki you’re making me like Cardi more these days 🤦‍♂️’

Another fan bashed the haters and said ‘If he makes her happy, then that’s wassup! You keep dishing out your opinions on how much you hate him and her together like she about to change her lifestyle just to suit y’all. Leave her alone and focus on y’all love lives!!!’

Despite the fact that people have been criticizing Nicki more since she’s together with Kenneth, her long-time fans have been always there to support and defend her.

Regarding Cardi, there’s been a ‘fight’ between her and Nicki’s fanbases for quite a while now. Cardi seemed to have defended Nicki after the whole BET drama.

It was recently reported that Nicki Minaj tweeted to announce that she and Lil Wayne, will be no longer performing at BET Experience, a pre-BET Awards concert.

BET issued an apology to Nicki after what happened.


John Legend Talks R. Kelly With Bill Maher — Says He Doesn"t Play His Music -

On January 3, 2019, Lifetime released their six-episode miniseries Surviving R. Kelly to critical acclaim. Not only was the documentary praised but it was revolutionary and had a real-world impact as for the first time, R. Kelly felt consequences due to the allegations against him. Though R. Kelly hasn’t been convicted in a court of law, many have come forward to state that due to the decades-long accusations, allegations, and women who have come forward, it’s time the recording industry take a stand against R. Kelly.

The documentary featured several women who stated they had first-hand knowledge of abuse at R. Kelly’s hands and shared their stories. Also appearing in the series was his ex-wife Andrea Kelly. MeToo founder Tarana Burke spoke, and while their stories were heartwrenching and powerful, John Legend was the most notable celebrity who was brave enough to appear on the series.

John Legend spoke to Bill Maher on Friday, Feb. 15, 2019, and addressed why he chose to appear on the series. Legend said that R. Kelly’s alleged victims were powerless and that is why he chose to speak up on their behalf.

“That’s really why I spoke up. I have friends who are activists that were speaking up for those victims and a lot of people were ignoring them.”

The entire MeToo movement is based on believing victims of sexual abuse who haven’t been believed. The movement empowered many victims, both male and female, to come forward and share their stories.

If it weren’t for the MeToo movement, Surviving R. Kelly may not have been received as positively as it was. You may watch the clip with John Legend and Bill Maher in the video player below.

The conversation also touched on racial disparity when reporting sexual abuse. The MeToo movement began as an outreach to empower black girls who are being sexually abused.

Bill Maher asked John Legend if it would still be appropriate for people to listen to R. Kelly’s music. It’s important to note that when Surviving R. Kelly first aired on Lifetime, his music sales increased.

John Legend made it crystal clear that he does not listen to R. Kelly in any way shape or form. Bill Maher agreed that he no longer has R. Kelly on his iPod.