Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Reign Rushing Steals The Show At Her Birthday Party In The Latest "T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle" Episode - See The Video - kkccb.net

Toya Wright shared the trailer for the latest episode of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle yesterday. The center event was, of course, Reign Rushing’s birthday party.

All your favorite people attended, and another cutie pie who was there is Tiny Harris’ daughter, Heiress Harris who was brought by her older sister, Zonnique Pullins.

From the trailer, you learn that Tiny is in LA and she could not make it to the party.

Check out the video below and see Reigny being gorgeous.

Someone said ‘Lil boy dancing with Reign lol that’s cute.❤️’

One follower posted ‘Reign shook her head and said no she had a long day riding on the bus all the way back before her party 🎉😍❤️’

Someone else said ‘I love when a baby doesn’t whine. She doesn’t mind talking to people.’

A supporter believes that Reign needs her very own show: ‘She needs her own show… she has her own personality… 💖’

Another Instagrammer said ‘so cute!!! Kids have no problem telling you what they want and don’t want! ❤️’

A fan gushed over Reign’s party and said ‘Reign’s party was so beautifully done!!! Have you & your sister got any closer since y’all film the show?? @toyawright.’

Someone else posted ‘So sweet and the episode next week I can definitely relate when it comes to relationships within family🙏🏾 @toyawright.’

Other than this, Toya also shared a ton of pics with Reign for Easter, and the cutie pie is just gorgeous.


Rasheeda Frost Comes Through With New Popping Neon Vibes - Some People Would Like To See Her Pulling A Wendy Williams - kkccb.net

Rasheeda Frost keeps knocking her fans off their feet with all kinds of new outfits from her Pressed Boutique. Her followers adore the fact that she’s the one modeling the outfits that she’s selling at her Pressed Boutique.

More than that, if they want to meet Rasheeda, fans know that they can check out her store because most of the times she’s there working.

Fans love that her mom is also working there so if they want to meet the gorgeous ladies they can head over to Pressed.

Now, Rasheeda shared a few new looks, all in neon vibes and her fans are here for this.

Someone commented ‘Yesss ma’am. I see ya living ya snatched life. Gone and be great!!! Looking AMAZING💪🏾👍🏾’

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Let’s get it poppin!!💚💚

A post shared by Rasheedadabosschick (@rasheeda) on

A fan said ‘Ok Rasheeda I like your dresses. Stay beautiful like the queen you are.’

One supporter would like their daughter to model for Rasheeda’s store: ‘So beautiful!! Let me know If you need models!!?? My daughter is 👌💃’

A commenter said ‘Support the bbw @rasheeda. We want to look fly too.’

Someone else seems that they were not able to forget and forgive what Kirk Frost did to Rasheeda and they’re asking her to pull a Wendy Williams and hit Kirk with divorce papers: ‘Get a new man we are ready to see you happy pull a Wendy Williams.’

But most of Rasheeda’s fans have already gotten past that and they like the fact that the couple is still together even after the horrible cheating drama.


NeNe Leakes Says That You Can Never Win When You Play Dirty - Some Fans Are Not That Supportive Anymore - kkccb.net

It was recently reported that after NeNe Leakes’ behavior on RHOA, during the past few weeks, she began losing some of her fans. Of course, her diehard supporters are still there, but there are some people who have been telling her that she needs to become more humble, because she’ll hurt her brand otherwise.

NeNe posted a message on her social media account which had fans talking. She said that you could not win when you play dirty. See her message below.

‘You can never WIN when you play DIRTY! Stay woke #istaywinning👑 #strongblackwoman’ NeNe captioned her post.

Someone commented ‘Nene, please. You might need to retire and return to your humble self. You’ve let this show blow your head up so big that it barely fits on my tv screen anymore. Your antics aren’t cute at all, and you always feel the need to post something on here to show how “unbothered” you are when we all know these girls got your feathers ruffled AF! Like I’ve said before, your presence on this show has run its course.’

Another follower told NeNe: ‘Regardless of your intentions, you seem to have a negative vibe that makes you seem heartless. I’m sure you’re not..I think it’s how you cope so you don’t show you’re hurting. You don’t have to be tough all the time. I hope you get thru this emotional time in your life. 💕’

Someone else believes that ‘It’s not Nene y’all don’t like, y’all take issue with assertive, strong black women who have a heart and a backbone to match. #TeamNene.’

A commenter said ‘You don’t want a friend you want people to kiss your butt and praise you like if you are God, you help people and because they don’t keep liking your but like how you want them to do you said they are not loyal. Crazy woman. You need to be humble.’

A person brought up Porsha Williams and said ‘Ummm, very interesting…just a month ago you were on Instagram bullying a pregnant woman, but ok, you are entitled to want to do better❤’

And another fan asked NeNe to practice what she preaches: ‘NeNe I like you, but take your own advice please.’

A lot of NeNe’s fans are telling her that she should change her attitude right away.


Chris Brown"s Daughter Royalty"s Latest Video Is A Breath Of Fresh Air - Check It Out Here - kkccb.net

There’a video of Chris Brown’s daughter, Royalty out there that’s making fans happy to see a child acting like a child. People say that seeing this, they felt like taking a breath of fresh air. Check out the video below.

Someone commented ‘Whew finally a child acting like a child! What a breath of fresh air!😩😍😍😍❤️’

Another follower agreed and said ‘A celebrity child who still acts like a child, respect to CB. Great job bro!!!’

Someone else posted ‘Okay because sis has a whole kitchen in the back of her car 😩’

A supporter gushed over Royalty’s toys and said ‘Her car got a kitchen in the back? Okay, this just called me broke lol🤣🤣❤️ so cute.’

A fan praised Royalty’s parents for the way in which they are raising her: ‘I love how they’re raising her to be so humble. She got out and pushed her own car. Although she may never know that struggle personally.’

Someone else said ‘Damn she’s more excited for school than any of us was growing up 😭😭’

Recently it was reported that a source close to Chris talked to the online magazine Hollywood Life and said that thanks to his daughter, Chris is becoming a better person.

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A post shared by CHRIS BROWN (@chrisbrownofficial) on

‘Chris is elated to be back home in the states,’ the insider told the online publication.

The same source continued and explained that ‘Chris is so obsessed with Royalty and being a father. He would do anything for that little girl. He is a great father and being home and spending time with Royalty makes him happiest.’

It’s great to know that Chris and Royalty have such a strong bond.


Reginae Carter Is Out There Twerking Like Crazy After YFN Lucci Breakup - Watch The Video - People Compare Her To T.I."s Daughter, Deyjah Harris - kkccb.net

It was reported not too long ago that Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci have broken up again. She seems to be the one who dumped him, but the reasons are not known so far.

He’s been weeping all over social media these days, posting various messages in which she was asking people to tell Nae that he needs her back.

He also posted a video in which he was saying that he’ll never have feelings ever again after Nae left him.

Meanwhile, Reginae really seems unbothered, and she’s been working out a lot in the gym. Some of her fans said that she’s definitely getting her revenge body ready for the summer.

Now, there’s a video online of Nae twerking her toned booty like there’s no tomorrow and YFN Lucci is probably crying his heart out seeing it, according to some of Nae’s fans. Check it out below.

Someone joked and said ‘Lil Wayne just probably lost 3 braids from seeing this. 🤣💀’

The comments section was filled with people who criticized Nae for doing this.

Another follower posted ‘Nae is an embarrassment to the bounce community 🤦‍♀️ especially because she is from BOUNCE CITY.’

Someone else defended Nae and said ‘ You are all hating…. Reginae booty bouncin’ in jeans 👀’

A follower compared Nae with Tip’s daughter, Deyjah Harris and said ‘God bless TI’s daughter @princess_of_da_south…. I’ve never seen her do anything like this….smh self-respect and education goes a long way!!’

Speaking of Deyjah, T.I.’s beloved daughter recently had a message to all her fans just ahead of turning 18 years old.

She’ll be 18 in June, and she warns male fans that even after her birthday, she will still be a teenager, so grown men should better leave her alone.


Khloe Kardashian Will Reportedly Take A Break From Dating Athletes Following Splits From Tristan Thompson And Lamar Odom - kkccb.net

Khloe Kardashian seems to have back luck with athletes. Everyone knows that her past relationship with Lamar Odom did not work out at all, and now she had another painful experience with Tristan Thompson.

According to the latest reports coming from the online magazine Hollywood Life, it seems that Khloe might be thinking that it’s about time to take a break from dating athletes after the experiences she had.

An insider who seems to know more on the subject talked to the online publication and here’s what they had to say.

‘Khloe is tired of being embarrassed by NBA players and she is ready to date differently.’

The same source continued and said ‘Khloe is still coming to terms with everything that happened between her and Tristan. She was in denial for a long time but she’s now seeing things with much more clarity and she’s vowed to make real changes from now on. Khloe doesn’t regret her time with Tristan because she has her perfect little angel True. But make no mistake, Khloe’s very angry with Tristan, she feels betrayed, hurt and broken-hearted over the way he betrayed her.’

‘The worst part is that it reminds her so much of what she went through with Lamar. Khloe is determined never to get hurt this way again. She knows she deserves better so she’s rethinking her approach to love and relationships,’ the source continued.

It seems that Khloe really has a sort of addiction for dating ballers and she’ll be going on a ‘detox’ so to speak, according to the same publication and their source.

Recently, Khloe was bashed by people after posting a photo with her baby True in a pool.

She seems to have taken a break from posting shady Instagram messages targeting her cheating baby daddy. She spent Easter with her baby girl, True Thompson and her family.

But fans seem to be more fascinated with a photo in which Khloe is showing off her beach body because they’ve been either accusing her of Photoshop or that she’s trying too hard.


Halle Berry Breaks The Internet With Puzzling Bubble Bath Picture That Has Everyone Asking One Question - kkccb.net

Halle Berry has once more decided to make heads spin and send pulses racing with a very racy picture where she is enjoying a bubble bath.

The Monster’s Ball actress took to social media over the weekend where she posted yet another sizzling picture that focused on self-care and self-love.

The 52-year-old is in her birthday suit with her hair tied up as she plays with a handful of bubbles.

Of course, the steamy shot of Halle went viral, and everyone has one profound question — who was lucky enough to get invited into Halle’s bathroom to take that picture as she soaked in the tub?

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Lookin’ for a late night snack 🥡

A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on

The Hollywood star captioned the photo: “It’s been a really long day, but still making time for … my bubble bath.”

One person had this reaction to the photo: “Aiming to be gorgeous at every angle like you. You make it difficult to understand 💞🏆You so fine I’ll drink your bath water! Who took this pic, Halle?”

Another commenter asked: “Please bring back your old scent “Halle” I’m legit dying and haven’t found a Perfume I adored so much 😭😭😭😭Queen of Self Care 🙌🏽 who took this by the way?”

This supporter shared: “We’re all wondering who’s talking the picture, Halle? Self-care has always been a challenge for me. I’m a 6th-grade teacher who’s always tired and doing for others. I know I need guy time for me, just don’t know where to start. Thank you my muse.”

Halle, a fitness fanatic, recently shared two motivational posts where she said: “Happy #FitnessFriday, warriors!! My heart’s racing to share this week’s #PHITTalks with you because @peterleethomas and I answer your most asked questions about functional cardio. We break down cramping (and how to avoid it!), effective cardio alternatives when dealing with foot injuries, and I’ll share some of my FAVORITE cardio workout accessories!”

She also explained: “This #FitnessFriday goes out to all of all of you just hanging in there, because today we’re covering #OlympicRings! While these may seem intimidating, Olympic Rings and other suspension based exercises can improve balance, mobility, flexibility, focus, and STRENGTH. They constantly engage your core, plus it’s pretty damn fun – the young gymnast in me approves!”

When it comes to taking pictures, some say Halle can do no wrong.