Friday, May 24, 2019

Jordyn Woods Drops Her New Sports Apparel Collection And Fans Are Proud Of Her -

Jordyn Woods is definitely securing the bag, as some fans said. She dropped her sports apparel new collection and fans are here for it.

The fact that she included women with disabilities in her project has made fans respect her even more and they told her this in the comments section.

Jordyn has been living her best life these days and her fans said that since she left the Kardashian clan, everything seems to be going perfect for her and she’s flourishing.

Check out her post on social media.

‘Today my new collection drops and I am so proud of it. This campaign was very special to me, we did a model casting call and had such an amazing response from over 2,000 people. It was so difficult to make a decision but I narrowed it down to five beautiful women with very unique stories!!! I hope you guys can all enjoy something from the collection @secndnture 🖤 10 am PCT’ Jordyn captioned her post.

Source: Instagram

A friend of hers told Jordyn, ‘So so so so proud of you. Keep shining, rising and being unapologetically you. Love you 💛’

A follower said ‘She is doing great things now she on her own. Every disappointment is a blessing and a silver lining.

One fan told people: ‘Now black folks go support this young lady same way ya’ll be supporting the Kardashians with your coinz #challenge.’

Someone else posted ‘Including women with disabilities. That’s badass, girl; thank you,’ and another fan agreed that what Jordyn did is great: ‘Wow!! No one has ever done this.’

A commenter posted: ‘this inclusivity is amazing ✨ keep going mamas.’

Someone else told Jordyn: ‘Now I see why the dramatic move from Kylie, it’s because you wanted us to recognize you for your work and not just as Kylie’s best friend…#smartmove 😉’

Congratulations, Jordyn, on your new collection!


Blac Chyna Is Meeting Her Fans At The Drag Con LA 2019 Starting Today -

If you wanted to meet Blac Chyna and never had the occasion, you could do it starting today because she will be at the Drag Con LA 2019. She’s offering more details in her recent social media post.

‘The news is out! Meet me at my booth ❤️ I will be bringing @lashedcosmetics. @rupaulsdragcon LA 2019! I can’t wait to see all of your faces so make sure to snatch tickets now before they are gone! #DragCon,’ Chyna announced her fans and followers.

The comments section got flooded with heart emojis and kind words for Dream Kardashian and King Cairo’s mom.

For instance, someone said, ‘She is an amazing model. Love her work.’

Anyway, the most important thing for which Chyna has recently been in the spotlight is that she finally made up with her mom.

As you know, they have been feuding online for quite a while, and a recent event led to these two ladies reuniting and publicly professing their love for one another.

It all started from the interview that Chyna had with Wendy Williams. During her interesting interview with Wendy, the host touched more sensitive subjects such as Tyga and Rob Kardashian, but Chyna addressed them all.

Tokyo Toni Has The Most Unexpected Reaction To Blac ChynaSource: Capital XTRA

At one point, Chyna said that she is planning a docu-series and she’d like her mom to be part of it.

This resulted in her mother making a video and saying that she would definitely love to be in China’s series, and that was all.

In a couple of days, Chyna was already posting many pics and videos with her mom, publicly saying that she loves her.

Needless to say, fans were in awe, and they hope that these two will never fight again.


Tamar Braxton Remembers The Good Times She Used To Have With Her Family On Their Show - See Tamar Singing At Her Mom"s Dog"s Funeral -

Tamar Braxton is feeling pretty melancholic these days. She shared a couple of clips from the Braxton Family Values show, and she said that she’s missing the good time that they used to have together.

In the video, Tamar is singing at the funeral of her mother’s pooch.

‘My friend @justjameis sent this to me, and it reminded me of how happy this show used to be and how we used to have soooo much FUN!! It’s Sad Gabe, that u aren’t here 😔but the memories, I’ll cherish forever as family as we were, when it was Pure laughter, REAL, & FUN!! 😩😂😂😂😂😂😂I’m so grateful 🌟#dingalingofgold💫’ Tamar captioned her post which includes two clips.

Fans loved to see these videos again, and they made sure to tell this to Tamar.

Tamar BraxtonSource:

Someone said ‘When you were singing at your Mom’s dog Funeral…best one😆😆’ and another commenter posted: ‘A classic, a timeless song that deserved a Grammy.’

One other follower wrote ‘Idk what’s funnier, the fact that u had your sisters sing the song with u or Trina’s face. 😂😂’

One of Tamar’s followers said ‘Baby that Dingaling Of Gold have you slashing tires, busting out windows and writing bad checks!! Ion (no typo) want it! 😂😂’

One fan joked and told Tamar this: ‘God anointed you to write this!! For such a time as this!! 😌☝🏾’

Another fan was cracking up in the comments section and said: ‘This song had me dying. I’m like how in hell can they make something so funny sound so good. I love you, ladies, and sisterhood is everything.’

Tamar was recently in the spotlight after she shared a hot video from the beach with her boo, David Adefeso in which they were cuddling and showing off their toned bodies.


Kenya Moore"s Fans Argue With Her For This Reason - See Her Video -

Kenya Moore shared a video on her social media account which has fans laughing their hearts out. Kenya used the baby filter, and now she says she looks just like baby Brooklyn.

It seems that Kenya’s fans don’t agree at all. They say that baby Brooklyn Daly definitely looks like her dad.

Someone said ‘We love you Kenya, but Brooklyn looks like her daddy 🤷🏾‍♀️’ and another fan agreed and had an idea: ‘She looks like her dad … do it on her dad lol.’

Another commenter said ‘No worries Kenya the next baby will look like you 🤷🏾‍♀️’ and another commenter said ‘Yes are still beautiful but sorry she still looks like her daddy ❤️❤️ Lol.’

A person posted: ‘Looks like what I picture Brooklyn looking like in about twenty-five years from now.’

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Someone else said ‘It’s a tie! But I definitely see you all over her Kenya. Your mommy’s side of the fam right now! ❤❤❤’

One person believes that this is how baby Brooklyn will look like when she’s older: ‘That’s exactly how Brooklyn going to look at that age. Beautiful baby girl! 🦋’

Another follower said that ‘She’s a mixture of both parents, but she definitely looks more like daddy.’

Kenya found herself in hot water not too long ago after she shared a photo of Claudia Jordan, claiming that the lady doesn’t wear any makeup.

Fans slammed her because Claudia was wearing a bit of makeup even if it was a natural look.


Porsha Williams Returns To The Ultimate Women"s Expo On June 1-2 -

Porsha Williams was excited to announce her fans that she will be returning to the Women’s Expo On June 1-2. When she was invited as a guest speaker again, her fans praised her and said that she was a true inspiration and that she managed to express some pretty uplifting ideas.

‘So excited to return to @uwexpo on Saturday, June 1st! It’s always a fantastic weekend of #beauty #fashion #popupshops #diy and more. And don’t forget to pop up at our Go Naked Hair pop-up shop on both days! #AtlantaWomensExpo #ultimatewomensexpo,’ Porsha captioned her post.

Porsha Williams Celebrates Two Months Since Pilar Jhena Came Into The World - She Makes Fans Happy With Gorgeous New PicsSource:

Someone gushed over Porsha and said: ‘Porsha I am so very proud of you. You have yet to prove your haters wrong. Every time they throw you a snake to bit you, just turn it into a T- Bone Steak with all the toppings. When they aim low, you keep aiming high. #Team Porsha #keep #Winning💪💪💪💯’

Another follower posted: ‘Omgeee I just watched Porshas having a baby & I laughed all the way through .😂 you are officially my fav housewife congrats 💕’

Other than this, Porsha just celebrated two months since baby Pilar Jhena came into the world.

She also made sure to make her own mom feel special with a surprise that she had prepared for her.

She gifted her mom a lovely bouquet of flowers but it came with a catch: all the flowers were wrapped in dollar bills.

Her mom was really impressed by the gesture and by the fact that Porsha did this ‘just because.’


Kandi Burruss" Throwback Pics With Her Graduation Surprise Fans Due To Her Looks -

Kandi Burruss just said that if it’s graduation season, she thought of posting some of her own graduation pics on social media for her fans and followers. People were shocked because of Kandi’s looks.

Check out the photos, and you’ll understand why. The woman looks pretty much the same as she did back then! She’s definitely aging in reverse.

‘Since this is the season for High School graduations I decided to post a #TBT from my high school graduation! 👩🏾‍🎓 #tricitieshighschool,’ Kandi captioned her post.


Someone said, ‘Still looks the same!! Wow! Black don’t crack 🤣,’ and another follower claims that they were there ‘Wooooow I was somewhere near the back row…preggo scared to tell my parents😂.’

Another follower also believes that she looks the same as back then: ‘Wow, you still look the same; you just refuse to age.’

One commenter posted: ‘The one off to the right looking hard…that’s the look we all had at The Dungeon! Yesssss 😍’

Speaking of the racy show, Kandi and her crew are getting ready for this weekend.

Tamar Braxton, who is a guest star on Tamar’s show, is still going strong and not too long ago, she revealed for her fans that the next weekend would be fire.

Check out the message that she shared for fans on her social media account.

‘Yoooooooo it’s the last weekend for the #kandidungeonparty, and I can feel it in my spirit that @Kandi @trinarockstarr @shamaridevoe @iamsodeelishis and I are about to have historic, EPIC, turn up and showOUT shows!!! See ya there💕#stlouis #dallas #houston let’s goooooooooo🔥’ Tamar captioned her post on social media.

Kandi responded to Tamar and said that indeed this weekend’s performance would be lit.


YFN Lucci Shooting: Video Of Gunshots Fired During Lucci"s Video Shoot Surface - Watch It Here -

A frightening video just surfaced online showing the shooting of a clip for YFN Lucci when gunshots are fired. This is all the info available on the matter at the moment.

The Shade Room shared the video, and they captioned their post with the following words:

‘We’re hoping YFN Lucci, and anyone else involved is okay after video surfaces showing gunshots erupting in the middle of Lucci’s video shoot in Atlanta with #LilZayOsama last night. As of now, there is no information on suspects or if there were any injuries.’

As expected, fans freaked out in the comments.

Someone noted, ‘There are kids there! This is not okay at all’ and a person said: ‘this what Reginae meant when she said he doesn’t make her feel safe 😩😩😩😩😩’ referring at Reginae Carter, Lucci’s GF.

One other commenter said ‘This is why Toya is so protective Nae,’ and someone noted ‘Damn they at Lucci’s neck…Second time in 2 weeks.’

Another follower agreed and said ‘Someone clearly wants him dead,’ and one other person has a piece of advice for Nae: ‘Run Regine! Somebody got a hit on Lucci…two times in two weeks….Hell nah.’

It was reported not too long ago that Lucci’s car got shoot at.

Back then, TSR also reported that Lucci’s vehicle was shot up in Atlanta in a drive-by shooting. The horrifying event reportedly left one person in the car injured, but according to the reports, it was not Lucci.

Reginae’s fans and also Toya’s freaked out then and they said that Nae should definitely leave the rapper. They also said that now they understand why Toya doesn’t like her daughter’s BF.

Let’s hope that everyone is alright and Lucci is not in some kind of trouble.